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July 2023

Carnet de Chef

The direct link between restaurateurs and producers

Connecting local producers directly with restaurateurs concerned about the quality of their ingredients, that’s the concept behind the Carnet de chef. 

Des produits frais avec Jean-Noel agriculteur à Sénas.
Kim Boscolo, pêcheuse à Marseille.

The Carnet de Chef platform was designed by brothers Robin and Ilan Serfati and Antony Germani. The latter has worked in the restaurant industry for more than 20 years. Today, it connects duly selected primarily local French producers with restaurateurs who are keen to use high quality fresh products from regional farms which respect humans and nature.

The producers undertake to observe a quality charter. The platform, which is just getting started, is very focused on the Bouches-du-Rhône region and grows daily mainly through word-of-mouth and market knowledge. About fifty producers have already been chosen. The site offers their products. There are fruits and vegetables, catch of the day, butcher dairy, groceries, sweets, drinks or hygiene produce. This offer can satisfy restaurateurs who are continuously looking for fresh products and wanting to test new ones, and is complemented by a set of services and tools such as the quick consultation of current, upcoming or already paid orders, the planning of delivery days, invoice history or a QR Code that allows customers to access a presentation page of producers.


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