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Times are good, the sky is blue

3 Jun 2021

“We have nothing to do but be happy”. Could watchmakers have had the words to the Isabelle Pierre song covered by Bon Entendeur running through their heads?

Over the rainbow

3 Jun 2021

Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red... Dials and watch straps blithely appropriating the colours of the rainbow. “After the rain cometh the fair weather!”

Dials go green

3 Jun 2021

British Racing, olive, or spruce green… Sober and elegant, the colour of hope and nature is revisiting the dials of the most popular watches. Take heed: future collectors have their sights set!

Vive l’esthétique sport chic !

3 Jun 2021

Sporty-chic watches stand out as the obvious choice to seduce a younger clientele and blend with the casualness of modern dress.

A l’heure du développement durable

3 Jun 2021

Watchmaking is now part of tomorrow’s world, spurred on by manufacturers.

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