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“The art of German design” in Monaco

16 Sep 2021

The concept is original. In January, the Berlin-based group LenzWerk turned a whole villa in the Principality of Monaco into an elegant showroom with a relaxed ambience.

Audemars Piguet

16 Sep 2021

Audemars Piquet is expanding further the Code 11.59 collection launched in 2019 to include two avant-garde self-winding chronographs. Let’s review the details.


19 Aug 2021

Fondée en 2007 par Caroline Gaspard, AKILLIS est une marque de joaillerie rayonnante d’énergie, dont les collections iconoclastes écrivent depuis plus de dix ans un manifeste d’indépendance au diapason du 3ème millénaire.

Beauty in mini format!

6 Aug 2021

Express sets, micro-container formulas, “one-shot” skincare, travel kits... Slip them into your holiday suitcase, and away you go!

Beach chic!

3 Aug 2021

Woven baskets become stylish accessories on the Riviera sand and pebbles. Perfect in the sun and practical for holidays, sunbathing, or shopping—we will never leave them nor forsake them!

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