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10 Jul 2021

Founded in 2007 by Caroline Gaspard, who lives and breathes the jewellery brand, AKILLIS radiates energy in its iconoclastic collections that for almost a decade have stood as a manifesto of independence from the established norms of the 21st century.

Outdoors in the sunshine

13 May 2021

A cool getaway… in sizzling colours. Comfortable indoor-outdoor living that is also ‘responsible’.

Le Jardin des Matières

13 May 2021

Benjamin Champlain and Franck Perrin-Caudron are at the helm of a design studio dedicated to the creation and application of new, high-fashion materials in both private and public spaces

Pop-Up House

13 May 2021

The habitat of tomorrow: ecological, sturdy, quick to build and with simple lines. Corentin Thiercelin is the designer of this new generation of wooden houses.


13 May 2021

Self-taught terrace and garden designers Claire Delayahe and Lionel Ducatillon are now sowing joyful, poetic, and sensitive gardens of Eden…

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