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October 2023

Innovation in shipyards.

A high-tech platform for tomorrow’s trades`

Based on the heritage site since 1835, the La Ciotat model business village with its exceptional know-how continues its rise to the top.

by Caroline Guiol
Entrée du 1er yacht sur la plateforme Atlas-400t, lors du lancement le 29 septembre 2022. © Cyril Chauvin.
Produit sur le site, le drone DriX en mission de câblage électrique sous-marin et éoliennes en mer.© Exail.

In Autumn 2022, La Ciotat-Shipyards inaugurated the Atlas platform, a 45,000 m2 and gigantic boat crane capable of lifting up to 4,300 tons, thus increasing its mega yacht capacity from 80 to 115 meters.   A feat which testifies to the local economic ambition and new dedicated trades that will meet the challenges of a new era. In such a fertile breeding ground this leading Mediterranean manager hosts five prime shipyards (MB92 La Ciotat, Monaco Marine, Exail, Nautech, Classic Works) and fifty cutting-edge companies in situ all vying to provide the best that technology, research & development, “sustainable” engineering and the French naval industry have to offer!


Guaranteed and committed values

Exail has multiplied the missions of its DriX visually controllable drone capable of mapping the world seabed using its satellite antenna. Kreative is a highly qualified marine joinery using new green methods for the installation and use of teak bridges, facilitating extensive maintenance (re-caulking of joints) and promoting a wide range of alternative woods.

Yachtelec, a specialist in electricity, electronics and electromechanics for pleasure yachting, distributes and installs the equipment for the most eminent brands. Lumens Buste, an expert in home automation, has made non-navigation embedded electronics (security, light, air conditioning) a high-flying specialty.


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