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March 2024

One Provence

A founding manifesto

One Provence, the brand-new territorial marketing promotional agency for Aix-en-Provence, Marseille and the metropolitan area towns, seeks to add a welcome cohesion to this territory in its manifesto.

By Maurice Gouiran

Lionel Flasseur et Dominique Bluzet
La voile aux JO 2024, un des grands rendez-vous de One Provence.

We met with its two leaders, Chairman Dominique Bluzet, Director of the Gymnase, Bernardines, Jeu de Paume and Grand Théâtre de Provence theatres and General Manager Lionel Flasseur, Chairman of Essentiem who joined from Lyon where he was head of the OnlyLyon territorial marketing initiative. 

Why have a territorial marketing agency?

LF. It is a question of creating a new and much richer imaginary world associated with this metropolis than the one promoted in the past. Territorial marketing programs appeared in Europe about fifteen years ago (in Amsterdam, Berlin, Lyon, etc.) Today, in a world where territories are in great competition to attract talent, manpower, students and retain wealth in all its forms, it was essential for Aix Marseille Provence to have this type of structure.

DB. We have to be able to arouse desires, and therefore to shift ourselves from the existing image. There are a lot of great things happening in this area and we need to talk about them, because we are an agency that does 70% of its business in communication.


Is it a brand?

DB. One Provence is more than a brand, it’s a tool that helps us tell the story of this exceptional territory in many ways.  We’re talking about a complex territory which is both Mediterranean and Provençal, urban and agricultural, made up of different landscapes and a population from about fifty origins. It is rich in women and men, companies, cultural events or sites which are famous around the world. It carries us and energizes us, it should make us proud and give us the feeling of belonging to history, which is an essential feeling at a time when people fear a diminishment.

LF. One Provence is a brand, a tool, a team, a program and a collective initiative whose goal is to promote our current and future know-how in and across all areas.


What is the role of One Provence in a territory where there are already many entities linked to local authorities, the economic world, culture, tourism or sport?

LF. Despite the structures and agencies that have existed for a long time, the image of the territory has not evolved or has evolved in fits and starts, as in the case of MP 2013. It was necessary to work on the territory’s overall image, its missing link.

DB. We talk to everyone and do some in-depth work. As we are positioned at the center of the network, we develop the link between the different points and activate a desire for a common future. 

LF. All our territorial partners were present at the launch of One Provence on 17 October 2022. Our manifesto was signed by all chairmen. A very specific action plan and issues were defined with them.


On this last point, have you already been able to implement any actions?

LF. Of course. Our presence is effective at events, at the SIMI and MIPIM trade fairs for example, but also on social networks. On January 25 we launched the One Provence Academy (a place of learning and training allowing all stakeholders to have a transversal and projected vision of what makes the city attractive) as well as a website based on artificial intelligence which was launched in February.

DB. There is a considerable amount of work that has been carried out in 10 months. For 25 years, this territory has not built a future for young people. So, we’re starting with a big handicap and we have to channel all the emerging energies.


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