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October 2023

Sculpture Mater Earth

Prix Art & Architecture

By Tanja Stojanov
© Stéphane Aboudaram - WE ARE CONTENT(S)
© Stéphane Aboudaram - WE ARE CONTENT(S)

Artist Prune Nourry has chosen the Château La Coste estate for her Mater Earth, a sculpture depicting a heavily pregnant woman lying on her back, emerging from the landscape. Crafted with natural materials, the Oeuvre takes us back to the beginnings of humankind and creation myths. The work’s origins date back to 2010 when the artist asked an eight-month-pregnant woman to pose in an inflatable pool filled with milk at her studio. Parts of the body protruded: belly, legs, half the face. Prune Nourry photographed her model and used it as inspiration to create a human-sized clay sculpture, moulded and then cast in concrete. It wasn’t long before the idea of creating a monumental version took hold, and at Château La Coste, it finally saw the light of day. Marseille-based BK Club Architectes, with Martin Bombal Architecte, coordinated the entire project from design to construction. Built using fired and clay bricks – some 18,000 bricks made by hand on-site – the sculpture sits on a stone and lime mortar foundation. An ultra-collaborative project!

The jury’s opinion

Artist Prune Nourry’s Mater Earth project on the Château La Coste estate attracted the jury’s attention for its originality and production quality. This monumental version, perfectly interpreted and created by a group of architects, respects the artist’s work and interpretation.

Maîtrise d’ouvrage : Château La Coste

Architecte : BK Club Architectes & Martin Bombal Architecte

Surface SHON : 40 m2

Montant des travaux : NC

Livraison : mars 2023


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