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October 2023

301 Prado, Marseille

Project with Planning Permission

Par Maurice Gouiran
Une vue en perspective de la façade du projet à partir du Rond-Point du Prado..
La façade nord-ouest.
Le plan du rez-de-chaussée.

The project sits at the Rond-Point du Prado, one of Marseille’s main intersections on the historic North-South axis. This G+6 office block sits in a space between two existing buildings. The first, a rectangular corner building with a gently sloping façade overlooking the Avenue du Prado, is punctuated by four oriel windows – a type of closed balcony much like a bow window – and Art Deco-style decorative pilasters. A dome crowns the rotunda, and mouldings with stylised motifs mark the fourth floor. The second, an 8-storey concrete building dating from the early 20th century, where horizontality predominates. The project interacts with the adjoining built environment. The imposing stone used for the façade, combined with a white concrete mesh, brings two buildings of differing heights and styles together. A ground-floor reception hall, opening onto a rear garden planted with trees, is topped by six office floors ranging from 60 to 86 m2. The building setback from the side boundary allows for a terrace on G+4.


The jury’s opinion

This transitional architectural design sits between two adjoining buildings of different heights and styles. The project subtly manages the articulation between heterogeneous elements, giving the whole coherence and meaning. 

Maîtrise d’ouvrage : 

SCI 301 Prado

Architectes : 

Marret & Fernandez

Surface SHON : 750 m2

Montant des travaux : NC

Date de livraison : 

2024 (Maître d’œuvre d’exécution : Alliotte)


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