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July 2023

Tourism Professions

Top training courses!

The touristic wealth of our region requires staff trained in different areas to match its qualities and ambitions.  Staff are trained at specialist schools and are expected to comply with the requirement for excellence.

Efficacité, service, élégance… trois des atouts des élèves de Tunon.
Un site exceptionnel pour la Cadenelle.

The Tunon International School trains in hospitality, aviation, events, hospitality, luxury and tourism. It provides an effective personalized support (internships, jobs) thanks to its manageable cohort size of 140 students and the network it has built with sustainable industry partners. You can start from the age of 16 and study courses up to Bac + 3 (Bachelors Hospitality Management International, Hospitality, Luxury, PR and Events, Travel) or Bac + 5 (MBA Event Project Manager, Marketing and Luxury Management, Hotel and Tourism Management).


La Cadenelle, created in 1943 in Marseilles, has a strong territorial base. It offers 22 courses ranging from BAC + 3 to BAC + 5 split into four activity areas. Among them, “Tourisme Hôtellerie Restauration Service” offers 7 courses, including Thierry Marx’s emblematic Bachelor “Chef, Chef d’entreprise”, a training course for chefs focused on the importance of the management side of the business. Courses based on management and team management of one or more kitchen operational units contribute to the growth of catering companies’activities.


Since 2006, IFCO, a school specializing in vocational vineyard training and the wine and beer trades, has been offering multiple courses in viticulture, oenology, wine waiting and zythology in Marseilles and Paris. IFCO inaugurated its site in Paris in 2013 and 2 other centers this year in Bordeaux and Lyon, focusing on all aspects of beer. Its courses, which have close links with those in the wine and brewing industry, have as many female as male students, and of all ages. The close links between IFCO and companies in the industry (vineyards, wine cellars, wholesalers, commercial agents) allow students to benefit from internship offers, work-study contracts, but also to apply for jobs directly at the end of the training.


The Avignon Hotel School has been training young people and adults in the hotel and restaurant industry for 55 years. It has just launched a new reception organizer course and is still surfing on the success of its Bachelor Cook Designer. The school mixes theory and practice thanks to the help of many professionals – starred chefs, expert cooks of France, oenologists and best tradesmen of France. And the results can be seen, since its apprentices distinguished themselves at the recent regional selections of the WorldSkills competition (gold medal in cooking for example). Its work-study courses in the service professions are particularly popular with young people.

Les cuisines professionnelles complètent l’équipement de grande qualité de l’EHA (2 restaurants et 1 hôtel d’application).
Un atelier de brassage pour les futurs zythologues de l’ICO


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