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  • Sharing talents
  • The 2022 season boasts 480 events and 800 artists and participants in 87 towns in France and 55 in Portugal. A rich and varied programme that nourishes the close friendship between the two countries.
  • Some are from Egypt, of course. Others are from Asia, Africa, America, Europe or the Pacific. Many of the mummies at this big exhibition in Draguignan have never been on public display before.
  • Stars and the silver screen
  • This annual summer festival is one of the big cultural events in Provence. This year it’s in two parts: the third Festival of Music Films (24-30 July) and then the 22nd Lacoste Festival (1-13 August).
  • Cosquer-Méditerranée is the eagerly awaited replica of that gem of Palaeolithic cave art, the Cosquer cave. From June 2022, everyone will be able to enjoy this outstanding but endangered piece of prehistoric heritage.
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