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October 2023

Laurent Alphonse

Passion for real estate

Laurent Alphonse, director of A+ Immobilier-Patrimoine and treasurer  of the FNAIM Aix Marseille Provence, has always had a passion for property.


After working for BNP Paribas in the banking sector for around ten years, he set up his own company in 2011. With A+ Immobilier-Patrimoine, this man of action and projects has the opportunity to meet and share great stories with clients looking for a home. In January 2016, Laurent Alphonse added asset management to his company’s portfolio, a logical next step for customers who have acquired property for rental purposes. He assists them, draws up balance sheets, defines objectives and supports young people wishing to build up their own assets. Starting from scratch, he now manages 300 lots in this area, which accounts for 1/3 of A+’s business. Laurent Alphonse’s investment in the property sector naturally led him to become involved with the FNAIM Aix Marseille Provence from the outset. A director for a decade, he was re-elected for 3 years following the elections at the end of 2022. He joined the board headed by François-Xavier Guis last January, and even became its treasurer. With 9,000 members, the Fédération Nationale de l’Immobilier is the leading union for property professionals in France and Europe. In the region, it has 450 members, to whom it provides professional, legal and economic assistance.


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