From the creation of original products to the new information and communication technologies, local businesses are a major asset for the region. Covering the economy, banking, property, town planning, architecture and more, this section puts you in close touch with initiatives and changes in our towns.
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  • For the good of health
  • Young innovative companies have chosen to dedicate their activities to health. These start-ups, which are valued and supported by La French Tech, are revolutionizing practices and treatments.
  • Alternative energy
  • When you know that today 80% of electricity is nuclear sourced, it’s clear that hydrogen is still underexploited. Thanks to an innovative process, HySiLabs is responding to the cost, transport and storage problems related to using this molecule.
  • Water for all!
  • Today, more than 2 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water. Developed by the Var-based company Marine Tech, HELIO technology makes it possible to transform any water source into drinking water.
  • Our start-ups are doing well!. The Aix-Marseille French Tech energizes them
  • The success of our start-ups, which is celebrated in all international events, is the result of their quality and innovative character, but also of the initiatives developed by the Aix-Marseille/Region Sud French Tech. Here are 4 examples.
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