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October 2023

Surélévation d’un immeuble, Marseille

Less is More prize

Par Tanja Stojanov

This project involves renovating and raising the roof of a typical “three-window” building. Tout Va Bien Architecture’s approach went beyond the densification project initiated by the top floor owners and involved helping co-owners to improve the existing building. Costs for structural reinforcement, roof replacement, and renovation of communal areas were all covered. Raising the roof height enabled natural cooling and solar gain to be maximised in the upper part of the building. A terrace now opens to the south, with a large canopy providing extra protection from the summer sun and allowing the winter sun to stream into the new top-floor living area. Installing a new wooden floor above the retained ceiling and a staircase linking the two levels was the only work done on the existing structure. The new interior spaces centre around a central volume housing the shower room. Two bedrooms and a dressing room complete the pre-existing sleeping quarters, while an upper-floor living room opens onto the new outdoor space.


The jury’s opinion

Raising the roof demonstrates a sensitive approach to Marseille’s “three-window” style, both in terms of its structure (the use of timber framing) and its layout (dual aspect), and enhances its ability to meet today’s comfort requirements, particularly by reinventing the Marseille terrace behind a screen façade.


Maîtrise d’ouvrage : Privée

Architecte : Tout Va Bien Architecture

Surface SHON : 130 m2

Montant des travaux : 195 000 €

Livraison : Automne 2021


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