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October 2023

Maison S, Velaux

Renovation prize

by Tanja Stojanov

The architects would have described this house, sited in a typical 70s housing estate beside several identical villas, as neo-Provencal. The owners wanted to push back the walls a smidgen and give it a new lease of life. A building that nonetheless had its merits: location, mature vegetation, swimming pool, and tranquil surroundings. This extension and refurbishment posed a daunting challenge: trying to enhance a type of construction used as a counterexample in architectural schools! Since the plot is in a flood zone, building more than 20 m2 of floor space was prohibited. So, Julien Isnard decided to go upwards instead with a two-storey extension. He integrated the additional into the existing volumes in a sort of continuum by playing with roof slopes. The resulting extension introduces a new expression, simultaneously in dialogue and at odds with the pre-existing building. 


The jury’s opinion

This house presents a challenge for any architect. The jury was impressed by the project’s ability to turn the constraints into an opportunity for architectural creativity. An extension of an existing pitch, the project rises in height with a sloping volume to house the requisite living functions. This extended volume offers dynamic perspectives and new views of the outside world. Challenge met! 

Maîtrise d’ouvrage : M. et Mme Sitter

Architectes : Julien Isnard

Surface SHON : 139 m2

Montant des travaux : 125 000 HT

Livraison : décembre 2019



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