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February 2024

Ideas and projects from elsewhere...

Why Provence attracts entrepreneurs

Many companies have been set up in Provence by a manager from elsewhere, and many have been created outside the region and then moved here. Here are a few examples...

by Maurice Gouiran

Caleido-scop - Aubagne

Caleido-scop a travaillé sur «Le Lorax» (Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment) et «Kirikou et les hommes et les femmes» (Les Armateurs / Mac Guff Ligne / France 3 Cinéma / Studio O.)

This independent entity offers its research and development, consulting and training services to the various studios producing animated films and creating digital visual effects for cinema and television, but also tools such as Kirpi (which allows you to build and execute graphics). Caleido-Scop has thus been involved numerous films (Super Mario Bros, Minions 2, Despicable Me, etc.), commercials (Dior, Saint Laurent, JP Gaultier, Coca-Cola, Kenzo), series and documentaries (Minuscule, Pat et Slan, L’Odyssée de l’Species, etc.). After more than 12 years in Paris at Mac Guff Ligne, Thierry Lauthelier joined a rather promising animation film studio in Aubagne. He set up Caleido-Scop with his friends in 2010 following the 2008 crisis.

OkeanYs - Toulon


After 25 years spent in England and Italy, Bruno Quarta returned to his home region of the Var to create OkeanYs in March 2022. The objective is simple: provide products with a QR code that links to the list of sale points where they can be purchased (names, distances to travel, etc.). The first version of the product, which uses the QR code, was released in March 2023. The second was deployed in January 2024 and is aimed more specifically at the fields of cosmetics, sports, wine, childcare and jewellery. This version is more elaborate since it indicates the availability of the product in nearby stores on the brand’s online sales website. OkeanYs is going to get people back in the stores!

Bruno Quarta a créé OkeanYs après 25 années passées à l’étranger.
Les échanges avec les clients sont indispensables à la réussite des projets.


La Garde

This IT expertise firm works on digital technology projects in order to ensure the objectives are achieved and/or their management. Its consultants facilitate networking opportunities between the various project players and support the teams which are responsible for implementing the services and their operational maintenance.  Alexis Jallet returned to where he grew up when he moved to La Vallette due to family reasons. In September 2022, he created Acteam-It, which opened in May 2023 in La Garde (the company based in Roubaix was created in January 2014). Acteam-It has a very dynamic CSR policy and embodies recognized values such as solidarity, expertise and high standards.

Rocher Mistral - La Barben

Le château de la Barben où 4 spectacles nocturnes sont prévus en 2024.

Rocher Mistral is the culmination of the ambitious project of Vianney d’Alançon, a young entrepreneur from Lyon with Provençal roots. He is passionate about heritage and bought the thousand-year-old castle of La Barben in 2021 to create a cultural and historical theme park with Provençal traditions. From 30 March this park will offer a dozen shows and many activities to share with the family. This original business model has made it possible to restore the castle while creating 150 jobs and attracting 130,000 visitors. Vianney d’Alençon’s interest in heritage had already been illustrated in 2016 with the purchase of the medieval fortress of Saint-Vidal (Haute-Loire) and the creation of shows and attractions.

OSolar Brother - Carnoules

L’équipe Solar Brother de Carnoules présente quelques-unes de ses réalisations.

The Var-based company passionately designs innovative solar solutions, offering energy autonomy and energy savings for both the general public a professional clientele. Based in Paris since its creation in 2016, this company opened its research and demonstration center in Carnoules in 2021. The Var sun offers an ideal playground in terms of solar concentration and allows products to be tested directly before marketing. After solar ovens, barbecues and lighters, the company has just launched a new solar heater, SunAero, which allows 3 to 5 degrees of heating to be generated free of charge and without electricity, as well Sunchef Pro, a robust and ultra-powerful solar oven for catering professionals.

Greenta - Hyères

Gonzague de Borde est cofondateur et co-DG de Greenta.

Created in March 2021 but thought up after the first COVID lockdown by Parisian Gonzague de Borde and two associates, this start-up supports and finances craftsmen and project owners in their energy performance projects. Its objective is to halve the energy consumption of residential and service sector buildings. Greenta has developed a global ready-to-go offer for its clients who are asset managers or building owners and managers. This offer includes 4 stages: compliance with energy regulations (in particular the Tertiary Decree), carrying out audits and energy performance plans, implementing energy saving work, monitoring consumption or energy management.


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