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October 2023

Villa balnéaire « Place du village », Giens

Individual Housing Prize

Par Tanja Stojanov

This site, cut into four horizontal shale terraces, overlooks the Giens peninsula, where Aleppo pines and holm oaks rub shoulders with fishermen and tourists. The slope is steep: a gradient of 20%. The plot faces an imposing panorama: sea, Almanarre beach, and the Maures Massif. What lies at the heart of this project, comprising three separate buildings? The ‘place’ dominates the site, linking the different spaces and bringing people together. Its limestone paving stones echo a Mediterranean village square. An olive tree planted centrally in front of a large concrete bench, slightly out of alignment, looks like it has always been there. This family home, with its bay windows to catch the light and thick walls that keep it cool in summer, is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Beyond the town, close by, there is still this wilderness worth conserving and respecting, nature for living...


The jury’s opinion

The project’s rigorous architectural approach combines the economical use of materials (unfinished concrete and wooden joinery) and separation of functions (sunken garage, swimming pool, grouping of the main house and guest bedroom) while respecting the alignment of the terraces. The house is an ideal living space for our region: it has a central exterior, expressing hollowed-out urbanity.

Maîtrise d’ouvrage : Privée

Architectes : Zakarian – Navelet

Paysagiste : Philippe Deliau, Alep

Surface de plancher : 230 m2

Montant des travaux : NC

Livraison : 2019



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