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July 2023


For serious and sustainable jobs in tourism

The PACA regional tourism committee and the CSR Innovation Lab have just created “GESTE” to help employers cope with fluctuations in activity and rally the necessary students aged 2 to 18 from over 75 nationalities for close to 30 years.



For François de Courson, president of the PACA regional tourism committee, it is obvious that «tourism cannot ignore its employees’needs, or those of our society: we need a world which is more respectful of women, men, the environment and ecosystems. “It was after hearing the difficulties of professionals and receiving the support of many partners that he launched the committed tourism employers’group of the South (GESTE”). The objective of GESTE is to pool skills between several companies in order to transform fixed-term contracts (which are specific to short term contracts and seasonal trades) into permanent contracts by playing on the complementarity of the summer/winter seasons throughout the region and the sharing of employees in the same employment area.

GESTE thus offers a flexible and effective solution that satisfies the employees’aspirations in line with the social and societal challenges of tourism. Employers can register with the group via the dedicated website* and share their needs. GESTE takes care of finding them competent applicants. The group relieves companies of all administrative tasks related to the hiring and management phases of the people recruited. The employer will only have the GESTE salary costs and the management fees, which remain much lower than the cost of a temporary employment agency. Seasonal workers can also apply.


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