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April 2023

Les Olympiennes vont « droit au but »

When football becomes a woman’s game

Avec les filles, le foot, c’est cool ! © OM

The first women’s football matches date back to the end of the 19th century, but this discipline has struggled to get off the ground. Les Bleues’ good results and the 2019 World Cup have changed how we view a sport, and OM could not help but be involved! For Olympique de Marseille’s management, 2023 marks the start of an ambitious game plan for its women’s team: returning to the elite D1 Arkema and playing at the highest level. This federative region-wide project will democratise women’s football. The challenge is ambitious. So, the club has set up a strategic and commercial structure to match this aspiration. The Caisse d’Épargne, a long-standing partner for over 20 years, has renewed its support until 2027. Puma, Onet, Randstad, D & P, Jefco and CD13 joined the latter, all stakeholders in an innovative form of sponsorship that transcends the accounting aspect. Women’s teams, deprived of the financial benefits of men’s football, fall within a sometimes-uncertain economic model.

On the sporting front, those in charge have shown determination since the beginning of the 2022-2023 season. Alban Sanchez is now Sports Manager, a coaching staff capable of rising to the challenge is now in place, and 12 new female footballers arrived during the off-season. Today, coach Yacine Guesmia has a homogeneous group of 24 players, half from the training centre. The young players can develop their talents with the help of experienced and charismatic players, such as international goalkeeper Karima Benameur Taieb or the American striker Ashley Clark.


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