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December 2023

Générations Roelandts

The tradition of excellence behind the Puyricard brand

By Caroline Guiol
© Philippe Doignon

The Belgian Congo in the 1960s: “Darling, you’re going to make chocolate!” Jan-Guy Roelandts’ ambitious declaration to his wife Marie-Anne would become a lifelong passion. The couple dreamed of another, more secure future for their two daughters and son Tanguy. They decided to move to Provence and opened their first workshop on the Route du Puy-Sainte-Réparade in 1967. The remarkable business was awarded the prestigious French “living heritage” (EPV) label in 2010 for the supreme quality of the ingredients and expertise that go into its hand-crafted chocolate in a quest to further a genuine flavour culture. 

2017 marked the 50th anniversary and in this landmark year, Tanguy’s daughter Solène took over as CEO, and then President. Tanguy has since retired but it was he who, plantation after plantation, nurtured close relations with producers across the world: “When there are two ways forward in life, you should always take the hardest. The easy one leads to a dead end.” It is this same conviction which drives Solène as she oversees 24 sites in France, around 100 employees, tours and workshops for adults and children and the new updated brand image (graphics charter, packaging, shop refits). During the festive season, palets d’or and palets d’argent (chocolate discs decorated with gold and silver leaf), orangettes (candied orange peel in dark chocolate) and mendiants (chocolate rounds studded with dried fruit and nuts) fly off the shelves into presentation boxes.  Exquisite, sweet treats for all to enjoy!


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