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Emmanuelle Baude

Créative et passionnée

By Mathilde Hingray

After studying law and art history, Emmanuelle Baude spent 10 years in Aix-en-France working as a solicitor. At the time, she provided guidance to companies wanting to invest in the agricultural sector. In 2012, she fell in love with Domaine Tour Campanets and jumped at the chance to make an investment with her family. “My mother was an author and my father a salesman. I always dreamed of finding the right balance between creativity and entrepreneurship. I felt quite stuck as a solicitor and needed to work closer to the earth, to challenge myself.” She resigned from her position and signed up for a course in wine at the university of Suze-la-Rousse before taking the helm at the estate. 

From 2012 to 2014, she put all her energy into rehabilitating the vineyard and getting production started again: “I didn’t stop to think, I just put my two children under my wing and put every ounce of energy I had into the project. It very physically demanding. As a woman, you need to find the right techniques.” Working with an agronomist who gives her advice on viticulture, she has managed to transition to organic farming methods throughout the entire estate (36 hectares) in just two years. “There were two of us to begin with. I spent my days and nights working, whether on the tractor, in the vineyard or in the cellar. In 2014, we sold 3,000 bottles. In 2015 we reached 8,000 and now we are at 150,000.”

As the estate has developed, Emmanuelle still oversees all stages: from production to sales, including administration. “Being happy in your job means always wanting to do better, always innovating, and realising that no two days are ever the same.” 


Domaine Tour Campanets

History and nature intertwine in the town of Puy-Sainte-Réparade where the Domaine Tour Campanets overlooks the Luberon mountains. A Gallo-Roman villa, a chapel, Roman sarcophagi from the fourth century and a Gothic stele were discovered there. And who could forget its incredible round tower which houses the wine cellar?

The vines are planted on a diverse terroir that includes plains, valleys and hillsides, and is located at an average altitude of 250 metres. The vineyards express the unique potential of the place. Emmanuelle is firmly focused on respecting the vines and the soil, and wanted to work organically as well as following biodynamic practices. In its early days, the estate made wine to sell in bulk. It now aims to create a brand for individual customers, so the team can share their love for the region and its fine produce. There will soon be a boutique for cellar-door sales and a range of high-quality wine tourism options. 

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