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October 2023

Club Var Premium

Building tomorrow’s CCI with Basil Gertis

Club Var Premium was born last spring at the Domaine Castel Bay in Hyères, on the occasion of an evening organized by the Var’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry and its president Basil Gertis.

Par Maurice Gouiran

This new high-end business club embodies the elite companies of the Var region and aims to build the CCI of tomorrow. The enthusiasm for this initiative was immediately palpable given that 150 people attended this enjoyable first evening get together. Among them were the bosses of the first five companies to join the Club (which currently has about thirty members). President Gertis’ objective is to bring together 50 members in order to maintain a real dynamic energy, maintain a quality club and offer excellence. The entry conditions testify to this: “This club is open to all Var region business leaders, as well as to economic partners in the area with more than 20 employees, at least 5 million euros in turnover and at least 1 million in added value”. The Club Var Premium allows business leaders to meet, to register a business relationship to develop their network and to create synergies and ventures that will benefit the area. It offers a range of benefits and events, from prestige business evenings to sporting and cultural events, but also quality partnerships and sponsorships at reduced rates, preferential rates to sports boxes, discounts and free services at the CCI du Var.

Pour Basil Gertis, « L’entreprise, c’est l’humain d’abord ». 


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