For tourists and local residents alike, there's many an unsuspected pleasure to be found close by, from the sea to the summits of the Pre-Alps. Among bays, peninsulas and sun-drenched countryside, luxury hotels, beaches, golf courses and jaunts, we'll take you to some amazing places.

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  • La plus wellness
  • A 20-year success story
  • Twenty years and not a wrinkle! Nikki Beach, founded by Jack Penrod and his wife Lucia, is celebrating its anniversary on Pampelonne Beach in a glamorous atmosphere.
  • Sand or pebbles, terrace or jetty, for parties or family picnics: beach restaurants on the Riviera can be legendary or innovative. Recreated every year, they offer a memorable experience as you savour the delights of a lazy afternoon, a signature cocktail or a good meal before partying the night away.
  • It’s azure blue, with scents of the south and the laid-back Riviera lifestyle. Let’s head for the finest beaches on the coast and the must-haves for a lazy beachside Riviera summer.
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