Ils sont artiste, cheffe étoilée, designer ou apiculteur, pilote automobile ou créatrice de mode. Leur point commun ? Ces personnalités glamour ou au cœur de la vie culturelle, économique et sociale régionale sont les moteurs de l’actualité azuréenne. Découvrez sans filtre le témoignage de leur parcours, leurs rêves, leurs ambitions et leurs projets à venir.

Shimsha Dierickx

“I believe in the butterfly effect, in skills transfer”

Whether for business tourism, celebrations or private parties, this event production professional draws on collective intelligence and expertise generated by teamwork.

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“I’m motivated by creating things, producing events, shining a light on my clients and the people in my team, and enabling them to complete and promote their projects,” explains Shimsha Dierickx, an expert in event planning who specialises in transforming spaces to create positive emotions. After starting out as an international travel agent for VIPs, the businesswoman founded her events company in the 1990s. “At that time, business tourism as we know it simply didn’t exist along the Côte d’Azur. I kept track of how the market was evolving and steadily grew my company. I invested in a garage, audio-visual equipment and venue decorations, then a fleet of trucks. I have expanded my warehouses to 4,000 m2, which is five times larger than the space I used at the beginning,” continues the manager.

Nurturing creativity

In this Cannes-based company, the key decisions are made by three women: Shimsha Dierickx and her two directors, Fabienne Dumazert and Carine Pibourdin, who have been with her for more than twenty years. “I think it’s very important to share knowledge and skills so that my colleagues can benefit from my experience, which spans more than 30 years,” explains Shimsa, whose creative talent is enhanced by her keen interest in architecture and history of art, which she discovered as a tourism student in Nice. “My two greatest passions are my business and my family; I find satisfaction in both spheres. I have found that sharing the love I have for my job and passing on my work ethic to my children and colleagues have brought me satisfaction on my journey as a manager and a mother. Most of my employees have been with me for a long time, and from what I can tell, they enjoy coming to work. I have striven to create an atmosphere conducive to teamwork, a positive and constructive dynamic, drawing on efficient business tools!”


DX Events

Drawing on its expertise and versatile range of services, DX Events collaborates with some of the finest buildings on the Riviera, including prestigious reception venues and luxury hotels. It can organise congresses, business seminars, marketing promotions and weddings. DX Events focuses on promoting the specific identity of each client, representing them through set design, storytelling, celebrations and business events. The company can organise technical as well as artistic designs, using its own in-house equipment for sound, lighting, video, decorative furniture, floral art, as well as organising workshops in woodwork, tapestry, painting, and more.


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