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Carine Dalmasso

Vines with local roots

This PDO Bellet winegrower has made a determined choice to go organic, and the beautiful wines she produces express citrus, blackcurrant and spice notes.

Award-winning Agriculture

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“I grew up in a family of horticulturists, but when I realised just how hard they worked and what little recognition they received, I knew I would take my own career in a different direction,” confesses Carine Dalmasso. The demand for flowers from Nice dwindled in the face of stiff competition from the Dutch market, prompting Carine’s parents to plant their first vines and venture into winemaking. “Initially, the fruit was earmarked for the château, but one summer it closed unexpectedly, leaving my parents with surplus grapes. They scrambled to find the equipment they needed and had it brought over from Italy. That’s when Domaine de la Source was founded.” Starting out with five hectares, the family eventually took the opportunity to purchase a nearby plot above Carrefour Lingostière. “While I still had a permanent contract,
I managed to secure a loan so I could buy the land with my parents. When
I came home from work, I would go up to water the vineyards.” In 2009, she celebrated her first vintage – and her new-born son – followed by a daughter four years later.


Listening to the Earth 

“There is another female winemaker at Domaine de Saint-Jean, and it’s becoming more common, but some still find it surprising,” says the avid sportswoman, who enjoys walking, running, and skiing. When she is at work, she can be found tending to the vines, welcoming visitors, or handling deliveries. “Every day is different because we’re working with nature. Winter is the time for pruning and tying up the vines, while spring is when we remove some of the buds. We carefully wrap the stems around the top wire to ensure the leaves provide natural shade, shielding the vines from summer drought. Meanwhile, in the cellar, we are getting ready to bottle our finished wines. Nearly 90% of our customers are from other countries and want authentic products from Nice,” beams the entrepreneur. “I’m thinking about building a bigger cellar with a reception area and perhaps even a small restaurant that serves local specialities.”


Domaine de la Source

Spanning just seven hectares, this family-run estate is one of France’s smallest vineyards. Eschewing chemical fertilisers and pesticides, it proudly holds certification as an organic “AB” wine producer within the Bellet PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) in Nice. The estate grows indigenous grape varieties such as Braquet, which arrived in the region during Roman times, as well as the white grape Rolle and Folle Noire, which goes into red-wine production. These wines are all influenced by the climate, sea, and mountains, and have very distinctive aromas. “Some of our vines are nearly 50 years old,” shares Carine Dalmasso, “and I keep 700 exceptional bottles in the wine library in our cellar. We make white wine using the passerillage method when conditions allow, which involves leaving the bunches to dry on the vine, producing a more concentrated wine. Over the past three years, we’ve also introduced a sparkling vintage we call ‘Bubbles so Niiice’, which is crafted using the traditional method, to produce a brut nature with no added sugar.”

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