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November 2018

Promicea Thermes Marins

  • A new name for wellbeing



La thalasso et le spa : les deux points forts du site. / © Christophe Billet

Jacques Bouchard, a pioneer in the private clinics business and boss of Promicea cosmetics, has bought the Thermes Marin thalasso­therapy spa in its impressive mansion along the Corniche. The change is marked by the new name but most of all by a very successful renovation, with a new cosmetics lab, hotel accommodation for “detox” cures, and, coming soon, a salad bar so that daytime customers can stay longer and eat on site. In short, everything is designed for a relaxing day or stay.

Marseille 7e
281 Corniche Kennedy
Tél. 04 91 52 61 61


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