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May 2014

Perfect body

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The cult of physical beauty is almost a religion in Brazil. How can we get that gift of the gods, a perfect body (or almost)? Brazilian beauty lessons:

On the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, where the tanga and G-string were born, only the lovely busts can rival the beautiful, firm, round, ample buttocks. To fulfil the dream of a divine body, the gods of the scalpel appeared: cosmetic surgery is a major sport in Brazil, almost on a par with football. Women of all classes have it done, and at ever younger ages. The deadly sin is to be unattractive and the first commandment is to invest time and money in your body. And perform a few sacred rites like 24/24 gym and intensive care. There are places in Marseille where you can practice this religion – in moderation.


Muscle up at the Deltaccord clubs
The attentive coaches, fun athletic activities and modern equipment will help you build yourself a body like a Carioca’s! Mills Body Pump, Body Attack, RPM, Aquagym, Aqua Biking, and even Fitness & Dance to tone up with a smile. For something more Zen, there’s Pilates, yoga or energy gym to gently stretch and build your body. And then you can relax and detox in the sauna.

Unwrinkle at the Clinique Phénicia
The treatments here combat muscular creases and slackness with injections of botox and hyaluronic acid. Carefully tailored peelings, scrubs and dermo-aesthetic treatments leave your skin smooth, fresh and renewed. The Centre Laser will rejuvenate, remove hair almost definitively and erase scars, redness, blotches, acne, and stretch marks using LED lamps, a non-invasive method with no side effects.

VIP treatments at the Lounge
Two booths and a private VIP lounge housed in a venerable old building. Here you’ll find a cosmetics range by famous Brazilian plastic surgeon Ivo Pitanguy, father of modern reconstructive surgery. Repair damaged or injured skin with these prestige treatments and fruit-peptide-based products including Brazilian treatments with extracts of mango, açaï or babassu.

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