From the catwalk to the street, from horological complications to extravagant jewellery, from designers in the spotlight to the new modes of transport, our Trends pages illustrate the latest in lifestyle. These cleanly-designed, well-illustrated pages take a sideways look to decipher major shifts in society as they happen, offering a comprehensive, avant-gardist view of today's zeitgeist. COTE shows you the most complex details with text and pictures.

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  • High Fashion Set in Stone
  • Benjamin Champlain and Franck Perrin-Caudron are at the helm of a design studio dedicated to the creation and application of new, high-fashion materials in both private and public spaces
  • 100% positive
  • The habitat of tomorrow: ecological, sturdy, quick to build and with simple lines. Corentin Thiercelin is the designer of this new generation of wooden houses.
May 2021 - Design


  • Happiness in simple things
  • Self-taught terrace and garden designers Claire Delayahe and Lionel Ducatillon are now sowing joyful, poetic, and sensitive gardens of Eden…
  • Eclectic pieces we love that will transform the onset of spring. Colourful, playful or simply soothing.
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