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April 2023

Alinea, French home furnishing

Dive into the latest trends. Decor, eco-responsibility, recommended materials... Expert retailers shed some light on what’s new in the sector.

By Caroline Guiol
1 Cap sur la Grèce, pour une plongée en Mer Egée. Séquence phare de la belle saison…
2 Marlène Fancelli, illustratrice à Aix-en-Provence. Révélation de la première édition du Comptoir.

Furnishing brand Alinea started life in Avignon in 1989. Since 2017 it has geared all its offering to sustainability and eco-commitment. Alinea also loves the South, the Mediterranean and spotlighting true talents.Alinea has been enriching our daily lives for 30 years. Now based in Aubagne, Alinea has redefined its priorities. It has been rejuvenated to concentrate on the essentials, Provençal products and on-trend fusions of well-considered taste, fit to face tomorrow’s challenges. Alinéa now sources many of its products from the best firms and craft workers in Provence, always seeking individuality, skill, style and value for money. Behind all this is a young and energetic design office, where a new storyline is devised each season. All these reinvented décors are the fruit of inspiration books and redesigned styles, for homes that a good to live in and good to welcome friends to. Partners like Ensaama-Paris, master potter Gérard Crociani in Vallauris and Plantes et Parfums in the Vaucluse join events at Alinea’s shops where young businesses and emerging brands can show there work in pop-up displays. This spring the focus is on the Aegean and its pure blue and white. You can positively feel the breeze from the Greek islands. And of course there are the great basics of the “eco-committed selection”: over 300 products that will last and last. With this exemplary brand, slow down and get more out of life. 

Alinea dans le Sud-Est, à Aubagne, Avignon-Le Pontet, Montpellier-Pérols. Dans le Sud-Ouest, à Toulouse, Bordeaux, Arcachon.

4 Façonnées à la main, signées et numérotées, les céramiques en édition limitée de la collection Vallauris. Collaboration alinea/Gérard Crociani, héritier d’une tradition potière millénaire.
3 Capèu, suspension en matière naturelle, inspirée du chapeau de paille provençal. Collaboration alinea/Ensaama (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des métiers d’Art).
5 Ambiance douce et feutrée autour du canapé Calvi. Fabrication française


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