Vous pensiez connaître ? Provence et touristes… à quelques pas de chez vous ou de votre hôtel se cache l’inattendu. Entre mer et sommets préalpins, littoral ponctué de baies, presqu’îles et terres ensoleillées, les palaces, les plages, les golfs et les balades vous réservent de belles surprises. Partez à la découverte de ces lieux remarquables.

May 2017

Where to delight your palate





A quick bite, but a luscious one! Jean-Philippe and Valérie are on the spot from 10am to 5pm, serving deli fare to take away and light meals to eat in: Mediterranean and Italian classics like aubergine caponata in the Sicilian style, polenta, gnocchi and pasta in every shape and form. Good, fresh and friendly.

24 rue Saint-Etienne - Tél. 04 90 85 21 50


La Fourchette
An Avignon institution! The Hiély family has been producing chefs for several generations now; it's in their genes. Philippe's cuisine at La Fourchette is semi-gastronomic, semi-bistro. His culinary variations between tradition and originality have such a reputation that booking in advance is more than recommended. (NB: closed Saturday and Sunday.)

17 rue Racine - Tél. 04 90 85 20 93


La Mirande
The stylish cuisine, each dish a modern artwork on the plate, contrasts with the architecture and decor in grand old townhouse style. This house and garden beside the Palais des Papes is now the place to go for Florent Pietravalle's luscious cuisine. The young chef from Montpellier has not even turned 30 but his track record is impressive: Gagnaire, Robuchon and Rabanel are among the famous chefs he's worked under. Each has left their imprint on his style, which can be summed up as refined and precise, highlighting the ingredient, with nothing superfluous.

4 place de l’Amirande - Tél. 04 90 14 20 20


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