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December 2021

The automobile at a crossroads

  • Switching to electric vehicles, new uses, ecological challenges... the automobile giants are questioning themselves.

There has been real consumer awareness since the Paris Climate Accords, helped by effective incentive policies. Today, there is no question: hybrid at the very least, 100% electric at best, and leased if you please. New car buyers no longer want to spend to own: they want to pay for use. Car manufacturers have reacted by reviving products and brands from their particular DNA or creating new legends...

Renaulution, la R5 provoque tout de suite une véritable émotion presque régressive.

The Renaulution is on its way!

The historic Renault brand is profiling its future with the 100% electric Mégane E-TECH—half saloon car, half SUV—and the Renault 5’s return to grace in 2023. The more offbeat Dacia meets needs with already amortised technologies, and the atypical Bigster is coming soon. And finally, Alpine is set to expand its range, driven by its Formula 1 sporting brand identity. A coupé saloon and a sporty SUV have been announced, in addition to a 100% electric Berlinetta. It’s up to us to invent the life that goes with the diamond logo brand’s new models. The logo has changed too.

La Volvo C40 rencontre du SUV et du Coupé, venue du pays des fjords.


A show from the cold

Wanting to place driver and passengers at the centre of its concerns is clearly in the seatbelt inventor’s genes, both in terms of refinement and originality of presentation, as well as active and passive safety. But the Swedish brand also knows how to win our hearts with this highly successful C40 Recharge, whose design reconciles SUV and saloon. The flagship XC90 will also be making a return in 2022, again electric. Its range is close to 1,000km and its active safety technologies, such as laser Lidar, foreshadow the autonomous car.

Groupe Cavallari : Volvo Cannes Mougins, Volvo Monaco et Volvo Nice

En pleine nature et sans un bruit pour apprécier le Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo.


The myth breaks free

After the phenomenally successful Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo, 2022 will be a momentous year for the Stuttgart-based brand as it renews its best-selling Porsche Cayenne. The big SUV that saved the brand in 2002 has sold over a million units. Here again, electricity will be present on practically all models, but its appearance on the 911 will be the real challenge. Rest assured, even if this electrification saves the beast a few litres of unleaded and grammes of CO2, it is on its performance that the transplant should take. We still have a few years to enjoy the exhaust noise, but don’t take too long to indulge yourself...
Centre Porsche Fréjus et Centre Porsche Toulon

Vous resterez sans voix devant l’intérieur incroyable de l’EQS.


EQ, electrifying letters

A, B, C, E, S and even V… Mercedes offers us the widest range of electric cars, plain and simple. EQA and EQC are urban and mid-size SUVs with full Mercedes identities. The EQB is one of the few, along with the Model X, to offer 7 seats in an electric car. The EQE range, the electric counterpart to the E-class, is topped by the stratospheric EQS: it becomes the electric vehicle of all superlatives with its on-board technology, top performance and record 780 km WLPT range. Finally, the EQV is the only zero-emission vehicle that can carry 8 people in regal comfort. Long live carpooling!
By my Car Cannes, Nice, Villeneuve Loubet

BMW Du souffle mais sans un bruit pour la sportive berline i4 M50.


An update on “i” cars

The pioneering Bavarian brand with its compact i3 and sporty i8 is firing on all cylinders at the end of 2021. After a successful iX3, it’s the turn of the iX and i4 to be discovered. The first is a concept SUV with a colossal battery of over 100 kWh and incredible Pullman comfort at any speed. The second is a saloon offering a high-performance M50 series for the first time. Back to brand basics, a vehicle for day-to-day use that is capable of providing a great driving sensation. The restyled Mini on the city car side, the excitingly fast variant from earlier this year, will be a real eye-catcher.
Bayern Avenue Mougins, Nice Premium Motors, BMW Store Monaco

ElectricBrands Le XBus, 1 véhicule, 10 possibilités.

XBus, made in Germany

The king of modularity

It is not a car in the true sense of the word but a heavy electric quadricycle. Its technical data sheet is surprising: 450 kg weight, 7 kWh consumption, 1,200 Nm torque (more than a Tesla Model S). But it stands out for its modularity. This Combi love child can increase its range from 200 to 600 km by adding batteries and be converted from convertible to camper van. Ten interchangeable configurations are available: an Arturo Brachetti with a 4-wheel drive.
Cavallari Cannes Mougins, Monaco, Nice Est Riquier


Lamborghini Cannes

A showroom that makes noise

It is the latest jewel of the Passion Automobiles group, Lamborghini’s official distributor in France. The pretext for this inauguration was the presentation of the two flagship models of the Italian brand: Lamborghini Huracán STO (Super Trofeo Omologata) as well as the very last Aventador LP780-4 Ultimae powered by the iconic V12. The 400 m2 visible from the highway expose the perfectly curved, new and used engines, but the main asset of the uncluttered space is a 3D Ad Personam configurator - that is to say the possibility of creating his own Lamborghini with an infinite combination of colors and materials for the interior of the passenger compartment. Finally, as if to prepare for the future and the expectations of customers, the Mouans-Sartoux workshop has doubled in size and has a comfortable lounge with a view of the 8 workstations of expert mechanics.

362 avenue du Campon, Le Cannet


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