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July 2017

Fiat lux(e) !

  • Un galeriste éclectique





Prestige limos are permanently in vogue as they deliver the ultimate driving experience.


Mercedes Class S

Quite apart from superlative materials, this delivers drive comfort of a new class. The various equipment packages offer a variety of comfort-system combinations for creating a customised cocoon: climate control (with fragrance diffusion), seats (heating, ventilation, massage), electric blinds, lighting and entertainment...


Bentley Mulsanne Hallmark by Mulliner
Mulliner is Bentley’s customisation division. It has pimped this exclusive model with exquisite decoration that includes a Flying B mascot in solid silver or 23.9ct gold plate, matching fillets running the length of the car, storage compartments lined in gold or silver leather, and hand-painted veneers.


Volvo S90
The second model to showcase the range’s makeover, the S90 clearly states Volvo’s intention of revolutionising the premium saloon market by combining the Scandinavian marque’s characteristic high-end elegance and luxury with a driving experience focused on performance and ground-breaking technology.


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