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October 2015

Attention Talents



The last Maison & Objet show spotlighted young French designers. We zoom in on six up-and-coming design signatures.



He finds inspiration in the Drouot auction rooms and is especially interested in 18th-century applied arts. The quintessential French knowhow of that era fascinates him. He has developed a very personal approach and is interested in biomimicry, which has become a significant aspect of his work. He begins his creative process essentially by experimenting with a material and thence determining its possibilities and limitations.


Laura Lynn Jansen & Thomas Vailly
Jansen's sensitivity to detail enables her to coax poetry from shapes and perspectives, while Vailly's fascination for production processes and their implications developed while he was studying mechanical engineering in France. As a result, their collaborations are founded on complementary approaches to design. Whether “growing” stone objects or questioning the coloured nature of light, their projects are always marked by their interest in natural phenomena.



His Sillon project was selected for a 2015 Creation Assistance Programme by the VIA (Valorisation of Innovation in Furnishings). This collection of entertaining and meticulously detailed chairs demonstrates the beauty of an optimised industrial production process. In addition to employing low-cost materials such as polypropylene, Sillon addresses today's vital issues since at the end of their life the chairs can be melted down and recycled. Riboulleau's Halo Light lamp is a hypnotic, celestial object. Here the designer seeks to break the existing inter-dependence of light and support through an assemblage of two neon rings.



Both are fascinated by Ettore Sottsass's radical approach and their cross-fertilising inspirations allow them to build a rich and complementary theoretical base. The idea of history, the past and narrative is recurrent in Zephir's creative process while Dach is more pragmatic, rapidly situating projects in reality thanks to his extensive knowledge of materials and processes. Both are passionate about craftsmanship and are constantly seeking to define the meaning they want to give their profession of designer.


He has two strings to his career bow, as a performer and a designer. A collaboration with Cassina led him to participate in Milan's Salone Internazionale del Mobile as a young designer. Today his experimentations are enabling him to combine his talents. At an exhibition on the male nude at the Musée d’Orsay he created a stir by appearing naked! This eccentric artist refuses to submit to accepted rules and ignores the frontiers of graphic arts in order to deliver complete artistic experiences.


These two joined forces because of a shared fascination for objects that embody the
society in which they were made. Their experimental projects all over the world are closely linked with local human and material resources, with each item corresponding to a given environment that determines its identity. Their Backdrop series uses tough, impervious stainless steel to represent the city of New York, with the folds in the metal catching the light and reflecting it, like a promise made by the city that never sleeps.




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