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February 2021

Walls setting the stage

  • Long-neglected wallpaper is taking its revenge by inspiring the great names in home decor and a fresh wave of young designers.

Walls setting the stage

Long-neglected wallpaper is taking its revenge by inspiring the great names in home decor and a fresh wave of young designers.

Panoramique Heaven Green par le designer Sacha Walckhoff et la maison YO2.
Collection Patchwork de la griffe Missoni Home.
Revêtement mural signé de l’artiste contemporain François Mascarello pour la maison Astéré.
Papier peint en sisal de la maison CMO.

Gone are the big dusty floral prints and psychedelic shapes of the 80s. Wallpaper is getting a real facelift and now caters to a clientele at the cutting edge of design trends. Panoramic, trompe l'oeil, textured. Wallpaper has made a successful comeback because it doesn’t shrink from originality. Urban, Scandinavian, tropical, graphic, theatrical. Fans of the genre are spoilt for choice.

Flagship companies

Determined to follow the trend, traditional brands are putting their names to the latest collections. At Nobilis, the latest designs feature patterns inspired by curiosity cabinets while their Japanese-inspired wall coverings look rather like charcoal drawings. Elitis’s expertise, on the other hand, is the art of trompe l'oeil. Their Paper Sculpture range immerses you in texture, exploring paper and handling this unruly pulp with flare. Neutral colours or dark shades, highlighted with iridescent trails or metallic lustre for a touch of ethnic. Just as current, CMO Paris wallpapers are playing with natural fibres. Nepalese hemp sharing the limelight with leather or sisal in geometric patterns. All equally remarkable materials for an altogether unique atmosphere. And last but not least, Zuber offers your walls an explosion of colour with a modernised reinterpretation of their archive drawings. A mixture of styles highlighting great craftsmanship, moving through Art Deco and the impressionist movement.

Material art

Sober elegance or modern and offbeat, the wallpapers monopolising all the attention are most often the work of young designers or contemporary artists. For Astéré, art is the key to success. They invite artists such as Garance Vallée and François Mascarello to transpose their work into prints. The latter has no hesitation about experimenting relentlessly, manipulating techniques for a result at the crossroads of craftsmanship, painting, and sculpture. In his hands, a motif, symbol, or monochrome comes alive or repeats itself to unleash resonant variations. Another inspired and inspiring design studio is YO2 with their digitally printed wallpapers in different colour shades and intensities. Two dreamlike decors pushing the limits of our imagination have come out of their latest collaboration with Sacha Walckhoff, Artistic Director of Christian Lacroix Maison. Named Heaven Green, the one is a wide panorama associating Olympus with the luxuriance of a fantasised Amazon, is conducive to daydreaming. Something to give a unique and resolutely theatrical style to your living room.


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