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August 2021


Founded in 2007 by Caroline Gaspard, who lives and breathes the jewellery brand, AKILLIS radiates energy in its iconoclastic collections that for almost a decade have stood as a manifesto of independence from the established norms of the 21st century.

Collection Bang Bang, Mini Bang Bang & Capture Me et Capture In Motion

Fashioned in the company’s French workshops, each piece reflects the personality of its designer: a free spirit who stands outside convention and dares to live differently. The name AKILLIS says it all, combining the valour of its namesake, the Homeric hero Achilles, and the competitive spirit of the brand’s founder, who was only 25 when she unveiled her first AKILLIS collection in 2007, named Bang Bang. Caroline Gaspard is passionate about motor sports, horse riding, or even combat sports. A boundless energy that she injects in her refreshingly bold creations. Her adrenaline- charged designs are reflecting the need - among both men and women - for a new kind of jewellery that allows people to assert their personality. AKILLIS has a characteristic unisex appeal, its collections expressing a boundless liberty that transcends gender. Despite her cosmopolitan nature, she remains strongly partisan to French jewellery-making expertise. The AKILLIS workshops are the guarantors of the brand’s values, independence and superb quality. Its instant success and continuing popularity illustrate the hunger for original, daring jewellery design among people who want something different.
Fatal Attraction and Bang Bang collections are designed for bold individuals who aren’t afraid of showing who they are. Capture Me collection is the most singular and graphic expression of Akillis’biting passion, between seduction and provocation. Its new declinaison, Capture Light, takes hold with its sharp triangles from the refined Capture Me collection, to give everyone the possibility to play an unprecedented game of sensual mix and match. Puzzle is Akillis’playful, tender and graphic collection that can be offered as a statement to a loved one. The pieces of the game fit together like a unique adventure. The latest Tattoo collection is a real tattoo-as-jewelry, paying homage to the art of Maori tattooing. A sensual design, close to the skin, which pushes the limits of technicality, with the use of titanium borrowed from aeronautics and the high-tech watchmaking industry. Each collection is ultra-modern, unique, original, feminine and masculine mixed, allowing everyone to fully assert their personality.

Temps Et PassionsMonaco
Valer & BarichellaNice
Doux JoaillierSaint-Tropez


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