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  • A new lease of life... ultrachic
  • Take a gourmet break in this restaurant with its lovely terrace in the centre of Nice, waiting to be (re)discovered without delay. Peek inside to appreciate its new elegant bistro décor dominated by marble, grey, and emerald green with its white tablecloths and lighted alcoves... an entirely redesigned space. Julien Mathey and his chef Brice Rakot
December 2022 - Food and treats


  • An address in Monaco, finally!
  • Biagio Carà, a designer of Sicilian origin, creates original containers for vodka and caviar. The Pakoff brand founder first designed a high-quality metal box that can be fully customised and reused at will, filled with caviar, but with an ingenious advantage. The capsule inside is interchangeable and has an innovative preservation process offerin
December 2022 - Food and treats


  • Cannes after Saint-Tropez
  • Oreka Architecture’s David Granata designed the décor for the Cannes version of the Moroccan restaurant in Saint-Tropez. And Salama Cannes becomes the same Marrakech-inspired oriental cocoon. This restaurant, overflowing with decorative pieces found in Morocco and bathed in a delicious golden Saharan light, is the perfect place for savouring Mag
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