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  • Rita Ackermann: Mama, ‘21
  • After an inaugural exhibition dedicated to Louise Bourgeois, the international gallery devotes its space to another woman: Rita Ackermann, born in Budapest in 1968.
  • The Côte d’Azur capital has joined the Unesco list this summer as the “Winter resort town of the Riviera”, having played a historic role in developing winter tourism.
  • The greats have passed through this artistic laboratory in the mountains: Land Art figure Andy Goldsworthy, Herman de Vries, Giuseppe Penone, and Abraham Poincheval, to name but a few. Not to be overlooked
  • Ouvrir les portes
  • Pour cette saison 2021-2022, le TNN invite à découvrir d’autres contrées littéraires. Il vient à la rencontre du public avec les spectacles de sa troupe et essaime des représentations hors les murs.
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