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August 2022

Musée national Pablo Picasso Vallauris

  • Mark Dion : The Tropical Collectors
Mark Dion, «The Tropical collectors», vue de l’installation au sein du musée national Pablo Picasso, La Guerre et la Paix, Vallauris. / musées nationaux du XXe siècle des Alpes-Maritimes, 2022.

Mark Dion, the new guest artist in the museum chapel, wants us to reflect on the way we think about nature through the lens of science. In this work created in 2009 and reactivated here opposite Picasso’s La Guerre et la Paix, Dion has started from the story of three Victorian naturalists who collected numerous specimens on their travels in Latin America. The story is told in three dimensions: visitors walk in and find themselves amid an accumulation of trunks, test tubes, flasks, lamps and miscellanea that speak of our scientific relationship with nature. A delicately humorous installation.

Jusqu’au 17 octobre.
Place de la Libération, Vallauris
Tél. 04 93 64 71 83