From the creation of original products to the new information and communication technologies, local businesses are a major asset for the region. Covering the economy, banking, property, town planning, architecture and more, this section puts you in close touch with initiatives and changes in our towns.
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  • Architectural Photography Prize
February 2022 - Vivre sa Ville


  • New waterfront district
  • This is a development without parallel on the French coast. When it opens in 2026 it will attract residents from far beyond Toulon, offering quality of life, innovation, economic growth, culture, wellbeing and eco-friendly design.
February 2022 - Vivre sa Ville

Euromed 2

  • Forging head
  • With its 170-hectare second tranche heralding the Mediterranean city of the future, Euromed is Europe’s most ambitious urban development project.
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