From the creation of original products to the new information and communication technologies, local businesses are a major asset for the region. Covering the economy, banking, property, town planning, architecture and more, this section puts you in close touch with initiatives and changes in our towns.
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  • Provence is astonishingly rich in ‘unsung leaders’, audacious companies that are not often lauded, yet are successful all across the globe and well worth (re)discovering.
  • Pioneer in 8K streaming !
  • Thanks to Getup Agency and its expertise in 5G, The Explorers Foundation has successfully inventoried all the Earth’s natural, cultural, and human wonders and put them online for all the world to see.
  • it’s on Frach!
  • Frach, the first ‘Made in France’ marketplace for all types of products, puts 100% French production just a click away. Thanks to the online store, buying ordinary products of French origin has never been so easy.
  • Projects platform
  • A full 80% of company leaders want to do more for the environment, so Entrepreneurs Pour La Planète decided to help them make it happen.
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