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October 2023

42 logements en accession, ZAC de la Jarre

Group Housing prize

Par Tanja Stojanov

This residential development offering affordable home ownership in Marseille’s southern suburbs is part of a highly environmentally conscious initiative. oh!som architects, in association with vGHcompany, have opted for street alignment for this project, creating urban façades along two main thoroughfares. The open area required by the ZAC has been treated as a green space to create a tree foreground, providing a gentle transition between public and private areas. A full-height gap in the building offers a clear view of the vegetation at the centre of the block, designed as a walkway leading to ground-floor flats, which enjoy a private garden. The central block also features a shared garden built and cultivated collectively by the residents. Aesthetically, the street facade alternates between concrete mesh, which accommodates the passageways to the dwellings, and solid elements corresponding to their sleeping areas. 


The jury’s opinion:

The architects worked on creating spatial volume and materials plasticity for this project to offer users an open-plan block that plays on indoor/outdoor spaces. They have created a shared space for living, transmitting, and circulating while at the same time sustaining a Mediterranean identity without folklore or stylistic effects

Maîtrise d’ouvrage : Pitch promotion

Architecte : oh!som architectes & vGHcompany

Surface SHON : 2 820 m2

Montant des travaux : 5 320 000 € HT

Date de livraison : décembre 202


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