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February 2022


  • The right to dream, the power to act
  • Enabling talented people to create, embark on a project and live their dream in Marseille: that’s the aim of L’Épopée.
L’Épopée vue du ciel.
Révéler les talents à travers les travaux manuels.
Dans les anciens locaux de Ricard à Sainte-Marthe.

Enabling talented people to create, embark on a project and live their dream in Marseille: that’s the aim of L’Épopée. The 12,000m² former Pernod Ricard building in the Sainte-Marthe district now houses L’Épopée, a veritable hive of energy, creativity and enterprise. It opened in February 2021, bringing together energetic people in the educational and social innovation fields. L’Épopée is a unique place and a marvellous collective adventure. “The project creates synergy between work, experience and entertainment, so as to reveal local talent and help it to grow. Here we teach, learn, work, call for project tenders and build together,” says Laurent Choukroun, joint head of Synergie Family, one of the pillars of L’Epopée.

The founder members that made it all happen are Synergie Family, Make Ici, MCES and Etic. It’s a whole village of indefatigable optimists, a lever for self-fulfilment and social integration. “The economic model is based on renting premises (we have 52 tenant entities), hosting events such as seminars and training courses, and launching calls for project initiatives,” says Laurent Choukroun. “The projects are changing all the time, with new organisations joining daily.” L’Epopée creates solutions to today’s social issues. It helps non-profits and enterprises to develop. It’s a hive of activity where people can meet easily – in the restaurant, around e-sport or in the immersive theatre. It also offers educational services through Edtech, digital creativity, adult education and integration. Crafts are another focus, with Fablabs and a shop.


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