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October 2023

Menu Picotin

  • Cuisine provençale familiale

Menu Picotin

Provençal family cooking

Par Mathilde Hingray

Provençal family cooking. Rodolphe Bodikian spent 15 years in the fast-paced world of pizza kitchens. Now he’s settled down in a pleasant spot with the sea across the way and a garden with trees at the back. The menu is made up from the day’s market and the whims of Mohamad Irshaid, a Marseille chef with years of experience. Not to be missed are the octopus and pinto bean salad and the lamb chop with chanterelles and house purée. The quiet, restful bar offers a selection of teas, coffees and beers, which you can enjoy in the garden. A relaxing moment.

Du mercredi au dimanche, midi et soir

17 promenade Georges Pompidou, Marseille 8e  - Tél. 04 91 61 40 95 aux heures de service


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