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  • here to stay
  • Korean artist Lee Ufan offers Arles his contemplative touch with the exhibition Requiem at the Roman necropolis at Alyscamps (running until September) and the opening this Spring of the Lee Ufan Arles foundation.
  • Mona Lisa’s guest appearance
  • The Louvre is still the most famous painting in the world’s permanent home, but the opportunity to see it installed for the next few months on Marseille’s most famous avenue is, without doubt, a godsend!
  • Le Fonds, a newly-created association in the old monastic building in the Panier district, adds a rich and innovative program to Marseille’s cultural offering.
  • The third edition of Chroniques, the biennal of digital imagination, will run from 10 November 2022 to 22 January 2023. Coming after Levitation (2018) and Eternity (2020), it will be themed on Night.
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