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February 2023


The art of embellishment

La Coquillade Provence Resort & Spa, this cocoon of sophistication and elegance in the Luberon was enhanced at the end of 2022 by two spectacular works, which complement the 5-star estate’s enchanting setting in the heart of vineyards and olive groves.

Grandeur et couleurs à la Coquillade, une mosaïque de l’artiste Claudia Wieser.
Beauty ou Reality ?, sculpture land-art de Carl Hegemann.

On arrival, visitors are greeted under the hotel’s entrance porch by a custom-made glazed enamel mural mosaic created by German artist Claudia Wieser. This large-format work featuring hand-painted glazed ceramic tiles both reflects and contrasts with the colours and shapes of the Provençal landscape, while drawing inspiration from modernist abstraction. Playing with the aesthetics and functionality of ceramic tiles, the artist elegantly creates depth and a language of sensual forms by juxtaposing matt and glossy surfaces, unusual colour contrasts and pared-down geometric shapes that encourage viewers to see and experience things differently thanks to their transcendental effect. As you are lulled by the song of the cicadas in the hills of Provence, you can also admire the work Beauty or Reality displayed in the grounds of the hotel. Their interpretation is personal since both words can be read in this land-art sculpture. The question is asked by philosopher and playwright Carl Hegemann, who has taken a lifelong interest in the two concepts of beauty and reality, which are central to his theoretical thinking and aesthetic practice. The works can be viewed all year round and add to La Coquillade’s Provence Resort & Spa already fine collection of art.

By Clotilde Roux


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