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February 2023


(La)Horde unleashes dance

(La)Horde is a collective that has put its heart and soul into offering an inventive form of dance that merges with its time since arriving at the helm of the Ballet National de Marseille in 2019.


The Ballet National de Marseille is always on the fringes, never where you expect it to be, rich in memories and high points that have taken place outdoors. Dancing to capture the world’s pulse, shaking up the codes created by Roland Petit in 1972… a unique story that the group of artists led by Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer, and Arthur Harel pursue with a passion. Together they put dance at the heart of their multidisciplinary practice, developing choreographies, films, performances, installations, and videos... The cross-language of performing arts linked with visual arts permeates their choreographic writing. With this strong identity, the power of spectacular invention offers a shared dimension focused on openness, pop culture, and the support of a large audience, enthralled by these talented nervous bodies forever pushing themselves as they revisit music and space. Room with a View in the Summer of 2020 was the first major open-air event. Spectators, moving as they pleased, will still undoubtedly be able to remember the sequence of rhythms, sounds, and postures of dancer-acrobats levitating between earth and sky... Already announcing, eclectic and bubbling, Age of Content, the next act of creation to be presented next September.


Le 28 février, 

Childs Carvalho Lasseindra Doherty, Théâtre des Salins à Martigues. 

Le 7 avril, Roommates, le ZEF, scène nationale de Marseille ; le 11 avril, au Théâtre de l’Olivier à Istres.

Jusqu’au 30 avril, exposition Danser l’image au Centre national du costume de scène (CNCS) de Moulins. Catalogue dédié aux éditions JBE Books.

A découvrir en septembre, nouvelle création Age of Content.


By Caroline Guiol


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