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October 2022

La Collection Lambert

Art for everyone

Collection Lambert, Avignon’s most visited museum, takes third place to Palais des Papes and Pont Saint-Bénezet as one of the city’s top attractions.

By Valérie Rouger

Its popularity enables the Yvon Lambert collection to be more than a museum; it is a driving force in the town’s economic development. Forging links between people is at the heart of its artistic, educational and social programmes. Private sponsors and public institutions chip in. “Collection Lambert is an arts centre of national interest. It aims to make contemporary art accessible to all and to be a hub of creativity where people can meet each other,” says Alicia Sauze, administrator of the collection. “It is open to everyone, with a range of targeted mediation projects. It is also open to cultural partners and businesses.”
The sponsors’ club is busy building links with local businesses. “Each company can find something to connect with among our activities, depending on its skills and business line.” For example, they can support essential projects like the ‘micro-school’ for fifteen 9- to 11-year-olds school dropouts. The idea is to awaken their taste for learning by fostering their artistic side. This is a collaborative exercise with the Education Authority.
Businesses that sponsor or initiate artistic projects find that supporting art builds social links. The Collection’s work is also supported by private donations from members of its ‘Association des Amis’.

Visite des réserves de la Collection Lambert en avril 2022. Découverte des sabots de Jean-Michel Basquiat. Untitled, 1988. Donation Yvon Lambert à l’État français

Une exposition qui a du sens

« notre musée, une collection sentimentale » présente les œuvres de la Collection Lambert et autres objets qui font battre le cœur. Son commissariat qui inclut des personnes en situation de précarité — accompagnées par différentes structures sociales — propose une bouleversante archéologie de la tendresse qui fait communier les œuvres de la Collection Lambert à des objets récoltés par une quinzaine de personnes abritées par des établissements sociaux.

Jusqu’au 29 janvier 2023