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February 2022

Palais de la Bourse

  • Mona Lisa’s guest appearance
  • The Louvre is still the most famous painting in the world’s permanent home, but the opportunity to see it installed for the next few months on Marseille’s most famous avenue is, without doubt, a godsend!
© Mardi8 – Artisans d’idées, 2021

Monna Lisa well and truly assumes her role as a global icon through the whole of this immersive exhibition, but this time within everyone’s reach! An experience co-produced by the Louvre and Grand Palais Immersif, accompanied by the Marseille-based company Artisans d’Idées—an international agency with expertise in the creation, innovation, production and sharing of digital content. Leonardo da Vinci’s famous portrait, copied, replicated, though never equalled, unfurls here at a glance through stories and unique sensory experiences. Digital technology was perceived as “cold” in the past; this 100% digital design involves a stroll punctuated by continuous contact with panoramic “skin-landscapes”, enveloping the space with a sensitive dimension, with bold graphic textures. Visual narratives invite contemplation to the rhythm of large-scale projections. A story with twists and turns, contemporaneity, and a creative process contributing to its re-discovery. Whence visitors scratch beneath the surface of the myth, this gentle and enigmatic face floating in the foreground of a landscape bathed in light and shadow, inspired by the painter’s Italian birthplace and the Flemish tradition. A life-size portrait never delivered to its patron, Mona Lisa’s husband, Francesco del Giocondo. Leonardo da Vinci treasured it until his death, endlessly perfecting it on its humble poplar wood panel. The Madonna, her smile invitingly enigmatic, seems present, alive, forever...

Du 10 mars au 21 août 2022
Palais de la Bourse, 9 La Canebière, 13001 Marseille
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By Caroline Guiol


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