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February 2022

A rich fund of culture

  • Le Fonds, a newly-created association in the old monastic building in the Panier district, adds a rich and innovative program to Marseille’s cultural offering.
Javiera Tejerina-Risso, Paysages incertains, sculpture en cuivre et laiton patinés, présentée pendant la première édition du festival Atome33. © Aurélien Meimaris
La folie, une valeur pour pour Sébastien Thévenet et Florian Tassy, les fondateurs de Atome33.© Galerie Kokanas

Le Fonds is the work of two childhood friends. Actor and producer Sébastien Thévenet had opened the Kokanas gallery in Endoume, while architect Florian Tassy worked for major agencies like NP2F and Sessun. “I needed a change after the lockdowns. I needed to create and share with others around architecture,” says Florian. “The idea of forming an association came from Sébastien. Our partner Le Couvent offered us a wonderful space to promote young talents.” So Le Fonds set up in the old monastic building in the Panier district, renaming it La Fonderie and refurbishing it in open-plan style. That gives 350m2 and a ceiling height of 6m, with a magnificent pool in the background.

The association’s focus is eclectic and multidisciplinary, spotlighting all forms of cultural expression and skill. “Le Fonds commissions artworks, curates exhibitions, publishes and sponsors. It addresses everyone involved in culture,” says Sébastien. “It also creates cultural capital by identifying and archiving output of all kinds.”
The place will house art festivals and artists in residence; it’s meant to attract a diverse public. The first event at La Fonderie is Atome33, a festival of experimental and multidisciplinary art, from 28 April to 12 May. Two weeks of talks and discussions around the visual arts, theatre and performance art, with an exhibition (Brut Concept) and a workshop, Archipsy, where artists, architects, psychiatrists and nurses will be among those invited to discuss the links between art and madness.

6 rue de la Fonderie Vieille - 13002 Marseille

By Mathilde Hingray


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