From the catwalk to the street, from horological complications to extravagant jewellery, from designers in the spotlight to the new modes of transport, our Trends pages illustrate the latest in lifestyle. These cleanly-designed, well-illustrated pages take a sideways look to decipher major shifts in society as they happen, offering a comprehensive, avant-gardist view of today's zeitgeist. COTE shows you the most complex details with text and pictures.

March 2024

Draw me a dial!

There’s no better medium than a dial for watchmakers to express their boundless creativity. Their pencil strokes draw heroes and cartoons, bona fide comic strip characters to discover in this illustrated page.

By Bruno Lambert

As night falls… The Bubble line of oversized watches from Corum with domed sapphire crystals unveils Bubble Bats, a model with bats flying against a full-moon backdrop. A 45 mm self-winding watch on a crocodile strap, a special limited edition.


Audemars Piguet


The watchmaker is back in the news with a 3D silhouette of Marvel superhero Spider-Man. A figure taking up all the empty space on the hand-wound Royal Oak Concept Tourbillon Spider-Man watch’s skeleton dial. His white gold body is hand-painted.



Comic strip heroes.

Famous adventurers Blake and Mortimer lead the investigation with determination! Captain Blake lifts his arm to indicate minutes while his companion seems taken aback. The hours tick by in the aperture at the bottom of the illustrated dial displaying Mortimer’s favourite expression: “By Jove !!!”


Gérald Genta

Disney’s star.

Here's the Arena Bi-Retrograde Mickey Mouse Playing Football timepiece. His mobile arm counts off the minutes in a retrograde fashion, the aperture shows the jumping hours, and an openwork hand sweeps a 180° retrograde date display. A triple complication model with the world's most famous mouse.