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Valérie Martin

Bringing colour to life

By Valérie Rouger

Valérie Martin, an upholsterer by training, who founded Bijouseat 10 years ago, continues her journey with Surcyclum, and tells us about the birth of this new company.  She is all about giving materials a second life – lampshades made from ribbons or inner tubes. “During an exhibition of women entrepreneurs, a young woman came to see me and offered to give me her new but unusable lorry tarpaulins. These multicoloured pieces of plastic appealed to her, and she had the idea of making bags out of them. In 2020, the first range of XXL tote bags was launched, followed by smaller bags.  Surcyclum was born. “I wanted to share this adventure with others very quickly, adding skills. In 2022, Sandra Vich brought all her knowledge of communication and marketing and Anne-Laure Leblanc manages the administrative and accounting side. This does not prevent her from being the official brand photographer. Imagining lengths of new tarpaulins being melted down for destruction (an extremely polluting process) goes against their conviction. “91% of plastic waste is not managed! In our own small way, we are respectfully participating in our earth’s history.  An ingenious transformation brings a product to life. Adept at slow-business and remote working, these three women put their families first and organize their schedules accordingly.



Scraps of wallpaper fabrics, end of rolls, industrial fabrics that cannot be used, inner tubes, etc. , is The cornerstone of Surcyclum is recovering materials that are no longer used in order to create products of superior quality and utility, avoiding machine or chemical processing.  This manufacturing process is even more efficient than recycling and has an extremely low impact on the planet. Shopping bags, clutches, backpacks, pétanque ball bags, bum bags, wallets and tote bags are created.  The manufacturers’ approach to the recovery of their “waste” is unique. Strictly speaking, there is no standard contract, but a reciprocal commitment to reuse and promote. Added to this is partnership and the pleasure of working with people who are similar to them.

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