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October 2023

Thierry Kammermann

Celebrating Marseille

By Mathilde Hingray
© Bertrand Hennet

This entrepreneur at heart, the boss of a packaging company, has successfully taken over numerous businesses in the same field. In 1997, he bought a textile screen-printing workshop. A keen sailor and fan of the region, Thierry Kammermann wants to put Marseille in the spotlight with quality clothing inspired by traditional sailors’ and dockers’ outfits. He went on to create France’s leading brand identity: Le Marseillais. “I wanted to create image clothing using two activities. Firstly, our screen-printing workshop – mainly working with companies in the food and industrial sectors. Secondly, by creating a strong brand identity, Le Marseillais. It was a crazy gamble because the city wasn’t getting a lot of good press in 1998. I took the decision to devote myself to it entirely in 2000 and sold my packaging business.”

The lifestyle clothing and accessories brand so loved by fans of Marseille, who rave every season about its new collections and timeless, chic basics – blue jeans, white shirts, and classic sailor shirts – celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. It developed its collections in collaboration with partners such as the Rugby World Cup and Vendée Globe 2024 with skipper Nicolas Rouget. Not to mention the Maison range, designed by plastic artist Hervé Maurille: aprons, napkins, tablecloths... Shop online or in the Old Port and Saint Giniez boutiques!


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